I got a speeding ticket. What happens now?

The RateQuote Team

You were driving too fast, and you got to experience the tragic thrill of blue lights flashing in your rear-view mirror. Maybe you tried to talk your way out of a ticket, or maybe you even tried to squeeze out a few tears. But despite your best efforts, you got a speeding ticket. And now you’re going to pay.

Obviously, there’s the initial cost of the speeding ticket — but don’t think your penance period is over. There’s a good chance your insurance premium may go up as well. That’s because a speeding ticket is a clear indicator to your insurance provider that you’re a risk on the road, and you have a higher likelihood of causing an accident. There are clear statistics to back it up — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that speeding has been a factor in approximately a third of all motor vehicle fatalities for more than the last two decades.

Your premium increase probably won’t happen right away. Different insurance companies check their drivers’ records at different intervals, but when they do spot the violation, they’ll adjust your rate accordingly.

There are some exceptions. Some companies will overlook a first offense, especially if you’re over the age of 25. They’ll also take into account factors such as how much you were speeding and where the infraction occurred.

If you’re feeling lucky, you could also try to contest your ticket — though that can be challenging. However, if the officer doesn’t show up to court, or you get a generous judge, you may be able to negotiate a lesser penalty. You could also try the mitigation approach, where you might take a driving course or pay your ticket to have it removed from your record or reduced.

Or maybe you just pay the ticket and wait to see how it’ll impact your auto insurance premium. It varies by state and insurance companies, but most of the time a speeding ticket will impact your rates for at least three years. If you’re unhappy with the severity of your rate increase, it’s a good time to compare quotes with other companies to see if you can get a better rate elsewhere.

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