About RateQuoute

RateQuote™ is a no obligation free insurance comparison platform – we may save you time and money while translating the world of insurance. We simplify the process by working with insurance providers and ranking coverage options, saving shoppers time and effort while providing the right coverage option.

The GreatQuote™ AI is unmatched.

How We Do It

RateQuote's proprietary GreatQuote™ matching algorithm makes comparing and buying insurance fast and easy.

At the core of RateQuote are technologists who utilize sophisticated matching algorithms to determine the right insurance for each individual consumer based on their circumstances.

Why We Do It

Rather than spending time shopping multiple insurance sites, RateQuote eliminates the need to fill out multiple forms and – in less than 3 minutes – consumers may find the right insurance policy with an affordable deductible.

Insurance IQ

RateQuote also believes that an educated consumer is a more powerful consumer.

That’s why we offer educational resources to help consumers truly understand the world that is insurance. Explore our guides and learn the terminology you’ll see on many insurance policies.

Start comparing monthly premiums and you could start saving money.