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Our goal is to help our clients save time and money by shopping the health insurance marketplace for the right products at the right price.

Carrier Member Acquisition

Our Partners

At RateQuote Direct, we are always open for business. Our Affiliate Program is not only unique but state of the art.

RateQuote Direct affiliates are provided access to all lines of personal insurance available from an extensive list of the top-rated carriers in the marketplace. Our affiliates are in the unique position to leverage these carriers resulting in massive cross-selling opportunities.

The Opportunity

Every trusted partner is given complete access to our 50 state marketplace along with the tools necessary to sell multiple products in any given household. The experienced agent has the unique opportunity to offer their valued clients tremendous protection options by leveraging their access to multiple carriers in every category. Your relationship as a “trusted advisor” opens doors and creates an opportunity for every agent to obtain levels of success never before attained.

Service Commitment

RateQuote Direct affiliate partners are provided with every possible Arrow in their Quiver when it comes to our service commitment by consistently providing agents with a powerful reporting program, state of the art communications technology, and an enrollment platform second to none.

Since the ACA was introduced to America and the associated healthcare reforms put in place, along with the complexities of Medicare, consumers need expert assistance now more than ever. RateQuote Direct’s simple and easy to use website, along with the assistance from a well-qualified group of experts, provides assurance that your prospects will have no issues with navigating available products and coming to an informed decision and conclusion.

Insurance Carrier Solutions

RateQuote Direct considers every carrier we represent to be a partner. Our staff is expertly trained to match the perfect carrier to the needs our customers. Although our agents never sell based on price we know that many times that we will be the decision maker for our clients. Knowing this, our agents are trained to ask certain identifying questions during the rapport building process so that we can determine predefined triggers in each client’s decision-making process.

We want our carriers to enjoy a profitable relationship with our agency for many years and to that end, we will work very hard at building a relationship based on trust and integrity.

How We Do It

We compete in the marketplace on every level because we:

  • Understand and accept the challenges in our industry
  • We listen to our prospects and work diligently for them
  • We do not limit our investment in staff and agents
  • We do not limit our investment in technology
  • We do not limit our communications with our carrier partners

Why It Works

It works for RateQuote Direct because we have a massive basket of quality products that will provide solutions for the needs of our clients. It works because we are Value centric rather than Price centric. We excel at providing service to our clients and our partners. We will never relax when it comes to the needs of our clients.

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